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The Bioinformatics Roadshow

The Bioinformatics Roadshow aims to address the needs of European scientists: specifically, to learn how to make the most of Europe’s most widely-used publicly-available biological databases and bioinformatics tools. The Roadshow combines presentations and hands-on practical sessions in which users are guided through their selected databases and tools by expert trainers. It is suitable for researchers who have a biological research background, but also have little or no previous knowledge of the databases and tools presented.

A Roadshow typically lasts two days. We work with our hosts to identify the most appropriate topics from a range of modules, each with different learning objectives. These can be combined in different ways to create bespoke courses relevant to the research of the host institute: see programmes from our previous roadshows. We gather feedback from our trainees, hosts and trainers, and continuously respond to this to ensure that our training is of the highest possible standard.

SLING has provided us with funds to travel to EU member states and affiliated countries with the aim of raising awareness of Europe’s biological data resources among researchers who may not already be familiar with them. This means that we can offer training at no cost to those Roadshow hosts who could not otherwise afford to host us, so long as they can meet a simple set of criteria.

To book a Roadshow or to find out more, contact us through or take a look at the Bioinformatics Roadshow website.

Trainer development and networking

Annual trainer networking sessions will provide an opportunity for SLING trainers and previous Roadshow hosts to further develop the Roadshow programme and provide sustainable support to our previous Roadshow hosts. Networking sessions will be advertised on the Bioinformatics Roadshow website.

Maintenance of documentation and training materials

Each SLING partner will produce and maintain extensive documentation, which will be updated to reflect the enhancements added to the databases by the other SLING workpackages.

Training materials developed for each Roadshow are made available to trainees after each roadshow, and course materials will be revised in response to enhancements developed throughout the SLING project. Course materials will be made available from a central site (to be developed).