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WP02 - User Training


The primary objective of this networking activity is to provide end-user training and user support for the data resources made available through this project, through the following:

  • A fully funded training roadshow
  • Educational and networking opportunities for the roadshow trainers
  • Documentation and helpdesk support for the data resources funded by SLING

For this training to be up to date it will necessarily take input from the enhancements to the data resources carried out under workpackages 6 to 14.


Previous training relied mainly on the services of full-time database curators and software developers to train users. Demand for training in SLING is not sustainable under this model. For those partners for whom there is the highest demand for trainers (EBI and SIB), SLING will fund five full-time equivalents. TUBS and the EPO also will be involved to a more modest extent (6 person months each). As well as delivering a minimum of 27 roadshows throughout Europe, these individuals will be responsible for providing a lasting legacy from SLING, in the form of a centralised, scalable collection of training materials. This collection will provide a firm foundation for pan-European bioinformatics user-training initiatives in the future, and will support previous roadshow hosts who wish to develop their own bioinformatics user-training courses.

Workpackage Leader
Cath Brooksbank